A long time coming….

Hello Dear Friends,

Ok, so it has been a long time coming…but I am back! That´s what motherhood can do to you.  I haven´t just been sorting out the offspring though.  For the past 5 years, myself and a very talented old friend from Melbourne launched our own production company and children´s music brand – Kikeriki!  As well as releasing a CD (Kikeriki – Volume 1 which can be purchased through our website www.kikerikiworld.com and iTunes) we have reached final stage development with a music-based animated/live-action series for pre-schoolers driven by our music.  Now that is simmering away, I am ready to get back to writing tunes and recording again.  There are so many ideas I have to put down.  So stay tuned for developments over the coming months.

Love Andrea





Weather may not be able to keep you company, but I am very glad that someone switched the sun on in Berlin this week.  The whole city is unfurling like a bud.  As if on cue people are crawling out of hibernation and turning their squinting eyes towards the sun.  I found myself singing The Last of the Melting Snow but with none of the melancholy that The Leisure Society imbued it with.

Everything around me is springing back to life….daffodils, gute launas, al fresco dining…so it does seem right that I do the same.  Welcome to my new website.  Stay tuned for new tracks, weekly blogs, music news from the city and much more.  Thank you so much to Emily Collins – ex-Berliner and fellow Aussie – for single-handedly restoring me to cyberspace.  Thank you also to to Lars Neeb for saying yes when we bullied him into an impromptu photo shoot last year and for relinquishing the coordinates of that magic location (we were blind-folded I promise Lars!).  Thank you too to Martin too for joining the shoot and for your constant support.  And lastly, thank you to all of you out there for keeping in touch and for being so very patient.  I will put pen to paper and do my best to express my gratitude through song.